Introducing Myself…

Hi! My name’s Tyler, and I’m a senior in the Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies program at Cal Poly. By definition, I am an agnostic. For the last 8 years or so, I have been relatively apathetic about my religious beliefs and they don’t play much of a role in my identity. My dad became a “born again” Christian while he was getting a divorce with my mom, and I was brought into a relatively radical church community for a few years as a teenager. Around the same time, I was slowly starting to figure out that I was gay. When my dad remarried, we stopped attending and I had no interest in returning. I now have a much better understanding of my identity, but I don’t have any interest in religion.

I’ve traveled a lot, but almost completely within the US, so I haven’t been exposed to many other cultures or belief systems. However my hometown of Yuba City, has the largest population of Sikhs outside of Punjab, India. Many of my friends in school were Sikh, as were many of the merchants in town. I observed a lot of racism from some of my peers and especially older generations of friends and family.

While in London, I’m really looking forward to seeing the cultural exchanges, especially how it makes its way into American culture.


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