Hi everyone!

I’m Lauren and I am third year Biology major and trying to get a Microbiology minor. If you’re looking for me around campus, you’ll most likely find me at the Kennedy Library. I not only study there constantly, but I also work as a LibRAT at the Reference Desk! I also love playing badminton and I’m on the Cal Poly Club team (yes we do indeed have a team!). That’s just a tid bit about me.

I don’t know much about religion. So I decided to take this class in hopes of being more properly educated on the topic. When growing up, I was never pushed to go to church. My parents practice different religions; my father is Christian and my mother is Buddhist. They both decided that they wanted my sister and me to choose what faith to believe in if we found that we believed in anything at all. I was exposed to both Christianity and Buddhist practices when my mom would take us to the annual Obon Festival in the summer to celebrate those who have passed away and when my father would take us to summer Christian day school lessons. The decision to give us the freedom to choose what religion to follow was something I greatly appreciated from my parents. Due to this, I never latched on to any belief, however, from the teachings I have had I do believe that there is some sort of greater power and have always considered myself Agnostic. In this way, I feel like I’m open to learning about all different beliefs and cultures.

I haven’t traveled outside the country, unless you count a very short day stop on a cruise in Canada. I grew up in the very suburban, bubble like town of Clovis and then moved to the similar like city of San Luis Obispo for college. So this first, big leap to London completely on my own is an out-of-body experience I want to take in stride. I want to make the most of it. Funny that my mom wanted me to pick London because most everyone speaks English and that it would be most similar to home… Boy, was she wrong! I am already in awe by the amazing differences (big and small) in culture and society here. I think that’s what I’m most excited about: the mountain of information out there and being able to learn it by walking in the footsteps of the locals. I think that there’s no better way to immerse yourself into a new country. I’m ready to step out of my comfort zone, see beautiful places, experience different customs and religions, meet new people, and appreciate how diverse a community can be.

Cheers to the experience of a lifetime!



One thought on “Introductions

  1. Cheers! There are sure to be interesting things to learn and explore in London! From visiting the abbeys to the parishes; hopefully you will get a wide range of exposure to the different perspectives and viewpoints on religious study.

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