Intro/Bio Post

Religion has always played a large part in my life. Throughout my childhood, I was raised as a Lutheran and would participate in church events throughout the year as well as attend weekly services as much as possible. My family was and is always very encouraging of a more personal relationship with God as opposed to strict religious rules that people tend to associate being religious with. Because of this, religion or my own personal relationship with god, has played a large role in my life. The values and morals that I have acquired from my family is based on Lutheranism and has therefore been a large part of how I base my own morals and values.

Coming to Europe this summer is my first big travel adventure and my first real experience of being exposed to another place where the culture and lifestyle is different to the one I am used to. Mainly, the only traveling I have done previously includes traveling within the United States of America, and a short vacation to Mexico. Traveling has not played a huge role in my life but I am excited to see how this trip will influence my future traveling career.

For these next six weeks, I am most excited to not only explore London and all it has to offer but to also  see other parts of Europe as well. I think exposing yourself to different cultures and ways of life is a greatly beneficial experience to help you discover who you are in life and your passions.

Wanting to be a future elementary school teacher, I think this idea is especially important because it allows you to open your eyes to different ways of life, allowing you to better grasp the idea of how different people learn as well. This concept can be applied in the classroom and help to educate students more effectively.

Name: Moriah

Major: Liberal Studies

Favorite photo taken so far: Parliament, Westminster Abby, and South Kensington 6/15/12


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