Hey everyone!
I’m Matt and I am a fourth year majoring in sociology with a minor in religious studies, and my interest in religion is the point at which the two fields intersect. As to the role of religion in my personal life, I’ve always struggled with the question of whether understanding religion is compatible with believing it. It seems that any religious stance—devout, agnostic, or atheist—must be able to explain the meaning of religion in order to accept or reject it. So, although I was baptized and confirmed as a Catholic, my present approach to religion is neither one of reverence nor contempt; more of an outsider looking in.
I’ve been lucky enough to have traveled in Europe before (England, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia) and most recently in Southeast Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia). During this trip, I’m looking forward to experiencing the blend of cultures that make up London, and hopefully traveling farther out into the English countryside to see the rest of the country.
Cheers, Matt


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