Introduction Post

I am not very religious, but I am Jewish. I had a bat mitzvah when I was thirteen years old. I do celebrate the high holidays, but I do not regularly go to temple and I do not celebrate Shabbat weekly. At my high school, there was a huge amount of Israelis and some of my closest girl friends are living in Israel right now going to school or serving in the army, so I do learn more about the Jewish culture from them and I plan to go on the birthright trip in the next couple years.


This is my first time out of the country. I have traveled to a variety of places including Boston, Massachusetts which reminds me of some places in London.


I am most excited about having the experience of actually living here and having a daily routine, rather than only being a tourist. I am also looking forward to our weekend in Paris.


My major is Communications and I am minoring in Graphic Communications.


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