Hi!  My name is Stephanie and I am a fourth year Liberal Studies major (studying to get my multiple subject teaching credential) and Child Development minor.  I am Jewish and belong to the same temple I have belonged to for my whole life, where I had my Hebrew Baby Naming, Bat Mitzvah, and Confirmation.  I went to Preschool and Religious School there as well.  Although I do not consider myself very religious, I do have background knowledge of my faith and just completed my first year as a Sunday School teacher for second and third graders.  I enjoy celebrating the High Holidays and other common holidays with my family and friends.  Also, my family sent me on an organized one-month trip to Israel with other Jews when I was a teenager.  I do not go to temple services more than once a month.


Although I have been Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Israel, and the Caribbean, I have never been to London, let alone Europe.  I am so excited to be studying, traveling, site-seeing, and observing the culture in this beautiful city.  After being here for just a few days, I am already in love with the art, architecture, history, and everything else in London and I am going to make the most out of my experience here!


I am most excited to learn about and visit the touristy venues with the other students on this trip and traveling to a few countries in Europe for the first time without my family.  I am very fortunate to have this experience and my main goals are to create lifelong memories and make new friends!


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