Hello everyone,

My name is Ariana and I am entering my 3rd year at Cal Poly as an Environmental Engineering major. As a child, I didn’t grow up in a very religious household. Both of my parents had been baptized in branches of Christianity as babies, but the religion never really stuck for either of them. As a result, we were what my mom calls ‘cultural Christians’ in that we would celebrate Christmas and have Easter dinner with the family although we never attended church. When I got later into my schooling, I started attending private religious school in order to receive a better overall education than I would have at my local public schools. I went to a Lutheran school for middle school and then a Catholic school for high school. Overall, this allowed me to form a really thorough opinion of my own personal religious beliefs. Having at one point in my childhood wanted to be Christian due to the influence of my schooling, I am now content in considering myself agnostic.

I am very lucky to have a very international family spread everywhere from South America to Germany, which has allowed me the opportunity to travel a lot. Although this is not my first trip to London, I am very excited to be able to explore and experience on my own.


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