One of my very first pictures abroad this summer!!

Hey! My name is Tess, and I am a third year Anthropology/Geography major with an emphasis on the biological and medical aspects of anthropology.  I was born in Long Beach, California, and love to travel, go on adventures, and play basketball.  I am most excited for this London trip because I am living in a completely different place than I am used to!  I grew up in Orange County, where life is very much different.  I am not used to such a high density city, and being able to live within walking distance of the museums.  All the buildings here are so beautiful and diverse, and I am excited to live on my own and explore all the city has to offer.

The role of religion has changed throughout my entire life.  When I was younger, I was raised as a Lutheran, but only by means of my grandparents.  I would go to Lutheran Church with my grandparents every Sunday and attend Sunday school regularly.  My parents never went to church with my sister and me, but they still allowed us to go with my grandparents.  When I got a little older, around middle school age, my parents let my sister and I choose if we wanted to continue going to church every Sunday, or if we wanted to focus our lives on other aspects.  They decided to let me choose what I wanted to believe and if I wanted to continue my faith.  As I got older, I slowly stopped going to church and began to have a more Agnostic view on life.

Travel has played a huge part in my life, and I have been blessed to travel from a very young age.  My parents have taken my sister and me on many adventures in the United States, and outside the country.  My family and I love to go to Hawaii in the summer and travel to historically rich areas such as Washington D.C.  Outside the country, I have been lucky enough to travel to England, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Australia.  It was such a great experience traveling to all these different places at a young age because it opened my mind to many different cultures and ways of life.  My favorite place that I have traveled was Australia; it had such an amazing variety of traveling from the city of Sydney, to the red dirt Outback, and the beautiful waters of the Great Barrier Reef.  I love traveling and tasting all the food, hearing the local music, and seeing the beautiful and diverse architecture.


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