A bit about myself

Hey everyone, my name is Kyle McDonald and I’m a senior at Cal Poly.  I am currently majoring in Agriculture with a double minor and an emphasis in Engineering.  I spend most of my time creating music videos, and music productions with my friends back in Santa Cruz, CA.  I also enjoy hiking, dirt-biking, surfing, karting, and sleeping on the beach.

I have had relatively few world travels over my lifetime.  The furthest i have traveled out of California before coming to London is Bermuda.  I have also been to Hawaii a number of times and taken a cruise to the Caribbean.

I consider myself an an agnostic.  I don’t choose to believe in one specific religeon because i feel that most organized religions all carry the same message.  ”Do good deeds and be nice to other people,”.  I was raised as a christian early on but my parents soon decided to attend catholic curch instead.  I recieved my first communion when I was ten years old.  My parents then enrolled me in a Christian middle school, which pushed me further away from organized religion, due to the fact that it was being thrown at me nearly 24 hours a day.  Ever since I leaft that school I have considered myself an agnostic.  I believe there is a higher power, but I don’t know what it is and it doesn’t bother me know knowing.  


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