I’m Julia and I’m  going to be a 3rd year.  I’m a psychology major (hoping to go all the way to a PhD). My concentration is in counseling and family psychology.

I was raised in a Christian home, but always given the choice to believe what I felt was best for me.  When I was younger, I never questioned what I was told about God.  When I got to junior high I started going to a non-denominational Christian youth group called Young Life, that is not associated with a church.  I was involved with Young Life throughout junior high and high school, and through this connection I grew in my faith, asked questions, and developed an amazing community.  When I got to college I started to question my faith a lot and spent a quarter with very little focus on God, if any at all.  After this time of questioning, I realized that my relationship with God and my faith are extremely important to me.  Now, I am a leader for Young Life in SLO County. We have events for high school kids every week where we just give them an excuse to have fun and be themselves. I love being part of Young Life so much, that when I was offered to work for them, I jumped at the opportunity. I would never define myself as religious, but rather a follower of Christ.  My faith is part of my identity, guides my life, and I am always happy to dialogue about it, but I don’t believe that anyone should ever force their beliefs on anyone else.  I love learning about other religions and perspectives, which is one reason I am so excited to be so far from home.  I’ve built houses in Tijuana, backpacked in Canada, and been all over the United States, but I’ve never been to Europe.  I’m so excited to explore, be exposed to new things, and see all the places I’ve only seen in pictures.


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