Religious Diversity

London has many stereotypes, but what can be considered a positive stereotype is that it is the most diverse city in the world, according to The Guardian. London has a wide range of religious beliefs among it’s residents along with a wide arrangement of places of worship.

According to the United Kingdom Consensus of 2001, approximately 58.2% of Londoners are Christian, 15.8% recognized themselves as non-religious, 8.7% of the population did not respond, 8.3% of Londoners consider themselves muslims, 4.1% are Hindus, 2.1% are Jewish, 1.5% recognize themselves as Sikhs, and .8% of Londoners are Buddhists and .5% are others. Religion demographics will change, but an updated consensus will be released July 16, 2012 with updated statistics.

With these statistics, it is clear that there is a wide variety of religions that exist in London. Christianity is the prominent religion in London but the most popular religions in the world can be seen and recognized in one city.

Through analyzing statistics, it can be noted that a high percentage of a variety of religions live in London. Fifty-six of the Jewish population in Great Britain lives in London as well as 31% of the Sikh population in Great Britain and 36% of Buddhists live in London, according to Project Britain. Also, 52% of Britain’s Hindu population resides in London and 38% of the Muslim population.

This comparison allows one to see that even though there may be an overall small percentage of a particular religion living in London, looking at the religion as a whole, many of it’s members choose to reside in London. These numbers in itself demonstrates the positive religious diversity because such a variety of individuals have chosen to make London their home and find places of worship in this city.

Coming from a small town of San Luis Obispo, one thing I have clearly noticed is the diversity of the city. One thing that stuck out to me is that through our Religious Studies class is that we have the opportunity to study a variety of religions within a small radius. In San Luis Obispo, there are a variety of churches but there is a prominent focus on churches that derive for christianity. Analyzing the Religions in San Luis Obispo, 64% of the population is Christian, 30% other religions, and 5% belong to the Morman church.

The comparisons of these two drastic cities allows me to directly compare the religious differences and see that London is a place of acceptance and where a variety of individuals can come and worship as they please.

In regards to Muslim, Hindu, and Sikh, “the three groups share many areas in common, but the Punjabi Sikhs in Southall and southeast London, the Gujarati Hindus in northwest London, and the Bengali Muslims in Tower Hamlets stand out most of all.” (The Guardian)

There are three main Jewish districts, the main one is located throughout north-west London, according to The Guardian. 

An interesting aspect of the Christian map, according to The Guardian, is, “how the wealthier whites in south-west London appear marginally less likely to call themselves Christians than those who live in the more disadvantaged boroughs in east London.”


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