Hindu Temple in Neasden

At first I was not very excited about going to see a Hindu temple because I felt a little bit out of place because I am not very religious. As well, the religion that I do practice is Judaism. I also did not feel like I had that great of a grasp on the aspects … Continue reading

Exploring Chinatown

This weekend I decided to strike out on my own and adventure through London without a plan.  I started at the Covent Garden tube stop and began walking in whatever direction looked interesting.  About an hour in I managed to stumble upon what I realized was Chinatown, an area I had wanted to explore but … Continue reading

Bikram Yoga in London

Yoga is derived from the root of the word yuj, according to hinduwisdom.com, meaning to join together. Yoga is believed to unify the human with the divine. Yoga is believed to go hand in hand with Hinduism. According to hinduwisdom.com, there is a saying that goes as follows: ““there is no Yoga without Hinduism and … Continue reading

Motion and Meditation

Motion and Meditation

It is written in the Maitri Upanishad, “Yoga is said to be the oneness of breath, mind, and senses, and the abandonment of all states of existence.” In itself, the word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit meaning “to join.” It suggests the joining of the Atman and Brahman, allowing the personal self to blend … Continue reading