Top O’ The Mornin’

Oops, wrong UK territory. Cheers! I’m Alex, I’ kind of an oddball. This sentence is me trying to not start a sentence with ‘I’. As a philosophy major, my department is generally hated by most students around Cal Poly; so, just as an American claims to be a Canadian while abroad, I dance around my major when others inquire into it. I’m adding a poll to this to see how people react to philosophy.

About my religious status, it is more of a lack of religious status. I used to be adamantly atheist, until I realized that forcing non-belief on people was as bad, if not worse, than forcing belief on people. As much as I enjoy a friendly debate about religion, at the end of the day, it is nearly impossible to change a belief, even if I wanted to. Nowadays, I maintain that I am not “religiously musical;” by that I mean I am interested in it, but my religious following matches my musical talent, which sounds like a dying elephant.

With respect to travel, I have traveled to the far land of San Diego, named after the famous and very punctual Saint Diego. Realistically, I’ve been to various regions in North America, from British Columbia to Florida. This is my first time to Europe, which I’m ecstatic for. Chip-chip cheerio, friends!