Richard Dawkins, Dominus.

Oh Richard Dawkins, you so controversial. Yes, leading asshole and atheist Richard Dawkins has made it into the news in the UK yet again. For those of you who do not know of him, he is an evolutionary biologist who has become the ‘savior’ for new atheists, writing books such as The God Delusion. The current Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams(not Robin Williams, mind you), had just had a debate with Richard Dawkins in Oxford.

Mmm, neckbeard.

Surprising, for Dawkins at least, it was not a magical wizard’s debate, as you would usually suspect, but a slow, philosophical game of chess. They had hit each other with the usual questions, Dawkins asking evolutionary questions after Williams had admitted to the truth of evolution. One such was, “Then what is the point of the book of Genesis?” With a casually tossed back answer of, “These were not literal narratives, but stories with deeper truths about the nature of humanity and the creator, the archbishop countered.” All in all, most seemed to admit that no big blows were hit, which doesn’t seem like too big of a surprise. That’s the tame Dawkins.

On the other side of the In-God-We-Trust coin, Richard Dawkins made a comment about the Giant’s Causeway up in Ireland. The tourist exhibit up there has a mention to creationism, seeing as how beautiful and seemingly created the landscape is. The National Trust had made the move to talk about creation, and Dawkins is quoted with saying, “paid lip service to the

Giant’s Causeway, Ireland

ignorant bigotry of ‘young Earth creationism’, a view which flies in the face not only of science, but of theology too.” Interesting he said that last part, but he seems to have a very high respect for liberal religions which do not reject science. His funniest quote, he says that it is “intellectual baboonism.”

On the other side of the pond, he has written an article saying that tax-exempt churches were a disgrace, trying to show that non-believers are at least as charitable as believers. My belief on all of this is that Prof. Dawkins is a very intelligent, albeit harsh, atheist. While I do not like the delivery of his stances, I can’t help but agree with everything he says. I’ve read the God Delusion, a fascinating read, but it is not mine own holy work. All I can say is that I do not wish to be on the wrong side of his opinions.